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Technological Development

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Joseph Del Core

Prof. Dept. Basic Sciences and Technologies Parthenope University

Comparison on the technological feasibility of the idea and sustainability in the university environment, Project Advancement Step.

Joseph D'Angelo,
Anthony de Falco

AeroModel Club HERON

Technical support for prototyping, Comparison of system potential, Unmanned, Modeling tools for prototyping.

Marco DeSilva

Federico II University, Dept. Robotics and Automation

Integration of electronic components, wireless connections, IoT and controls, Sensor sw programming and data management.


Community of Makers specializing in aircraft systems

Comparison on the Potential of the Mission Planning SW Platforms, Collaboration in the prototyping of the Rover. Comparison Industry trends and common issues.

Gennaro Bronzone

Capodichino Airport Director

Comparison on the extent of the Environmental Emergency, Step Advice for Project Advancement, Comparison on Possible Paths of Technology Transfer.

Antonio Fasano

Prof. Dept. Industrial Engineering Federico II University

Comparison on existing technologies of Remote Piloting systems. Addressing the usable components, Direction of the technological frontier and possible future developments.

George Simeoli

CNR Laboratories / Federico II University, Materials Department

Comparison of innovative and biological materials, comparison of university growth strategies.

Antonio Commone

Federico II University, Department of Industrial Engineering

Prototyping and SW Programming, Evaluation of the technological feasibility of the Automatic Recovery, Steps for the progress of the mission automation software.

Carosena Meola,
Simone Boccardi

Federico II University, Department of Industrial Engineering

Thermographic experimentation, Evaluation of the technological feasibility of the Thermographic Survey, Considerations of the technological concept, Thermographic acquisition test; Recognition routine comparison

Filippo Ammirati, Nicola Lanzaro

ENEA – European Enterprise Network

Possibility of managing innovation in the EU and IT, deepening EU Funding Channels, Government Funding Channels.


Regulatory development

Robert Serpieri

ENAC Inspector, Capodichino Control Tower

Feasibility study in the national regulatory framework, comparisons on the possibility of R&D for environmental protection issues, comparison on the documentation to be produced.

Com.Palescandolo, Mar.Auriemma

Port Authority Offices (NA)

Training ENAC declaration procedures for research and development activities and non-critical activities, Comparison on regulatory procedures at national level.

Col. Zumbolo

Carabinieri Forest Guard

Comparison of forest fire prevention and active fight procedures, evaluation of operator characteristics for active fight phases and fire perimeter. Systematic monitoring system design.

Gennaro Bronzone

Capodichino Airport Director

Assessment of the regulatory feasibility of systematic monitoring, comparison of current regulations in the field of UAVs and European regulatory harmonization.

Dr. Ingenito

President Aeroclub Campania

Comparison on existing technologies of Remote Piloting systems. Addressing the usable components, Direction of the technological frontier and possible future developments.


Ministry of Transport technical body

Regulations in force with respect to pleasure craft, Regulations consulted: COLREG72, SOLAS, Guide to experimentation, Guide to Approval.

Gennaro Camino

Port Authority Officer (NA)

Comparison of "General Protocol" procedures, Current reclamation practices in the port, Clarification of the territorial jurisdiction of the IT communities and ports, Comparison of transport and disposal procedures (SMS, ASIA).

Environmental sustainability

Joseph Ardito

Lieutenant Arma dei Carabinieri

Comparison on the feasibility of systematic monitoring and control, comparison on the characteristics of the solutions currently used, reference to the environmental control initiatives of the Italian territory. Comparison on the feasibility of current technologies for the recognition and recovery of waste.

M. Simeone

AMP - Gaiola Sommersa Marine Protected Area

Comparison of environmental protection issues, evaluation of the progress of the raft-rov project, design of the illegal fishing deterrent system, participation in sustainability events.

Marco Caputo

Frederick II University

Indices of EU Interest, Portfolio of European projects on Marine Litter, Entity of Environmental Emergency, Trend of Engagement (MSFD), Active Organizations around the world, Evaluations on where our proposal could be placed in the EU.

Fulvio Frezza

Vice-President of the City Council of Naples

Discussion on the tools for accelerating ideas, dissemination of the research study for environmental protection, creation of contacts with the environment department of the municipality of Naples, discussion with sector technicians and Risorsa Mare.

Cristina Fossi

Prof.ssa Siena University and Director of the EU PLUSTIC BUSTERS project

Comparison of monitoring technologies at the Blu Economy Conference 2017, Pelagos cetacean monitoring system design.

Alento River Oasis

Cilento National Park

Feasibility test automation of monitoring from floating waste.

Dr. Stefania di Vito

Scientific office of Legambiente

Comparison of environmental protection issues, creation of association contacts for an environmental sustainability campaign.

Lanfranco Jackets

Federparchi President

Comparison on sustainable development issues, state of natural parks and sites of archaeological and sculptural value. Adaptation to the charter of Rome.

Zoological station

Zoological Station

Survey of planned long-term environmental monitoring activities.




Head of the Sea Technical Unit

Comparison on the requirements of sampling operations (Dec.Leg.190/2010), comparison on thermographic recovery solutions for monitoring vessels.

Marine Environmental Department

Port Authority Corps

Comparison on reporting procedures for solid waste and polluting spills, Integrated management process for special waste.

Philip Ammirati

Coordination of Enhancement and Networking activities for South ENEA

Comparison of business development issues, technology transfer, creation of Nicola Lanzaro contact for the European Enterprice Network.

Prof. Pagliarulo

CNR offices and laboratories

Discussion on innovative material technologies, regional interest in environmental protection issues, discussion on the possibilities of collaboration.

Louis Alcaro

ISPRA MINEnvironment

Comparison of past and current monitoring procedures (absence of IT programs); Types of Reclamation, Sporadic Reclamation Actions (Environmental Association & Local Institutions), Comparison of the Castalia Fleet and the AMP Fleet.

Alfonso Sperandeo


Update on public tools, Comparison on BluEconomy issues, Selfiemployment path, Presentation of the Vulcanically 4.0 acceleration path at a certified incubator in East Naples.

Louis Carrino

President of the Campania Aerospace District DAC

Comparison on the progress of the project idea, Identification of the path to protect the idea.

Mr. Bianchi

SEPNA & Sea Resource NA

Comparison of current patrolling practices, limits and possibilities of the integrated marine waste management process.

Compagni di classe

Universities and research centres

M. Simeone

AMP - Gaiola Sommersa Marine Protected Area.

D. Cosenza

Frederick II University.


Blue Economy, Virtual Knowledge Center - med.

G. Del Core

Parthenope University - Department of Basic Sciences and Technologies.

N. Trolley

Prof. Fermi Institute.


CIMA Foundation.


Siena University - Department of Science Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences.


UniRoma3 - Engineering Department.

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